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Short History OF North Logan

Just four miles north and east of Logan, nestled at the mouth of Green Canyon, lies the little town of North Logan. It is beautiful with its find homes, farms and orchards, a modern school and community building.

North Logan has not always been the beautiful place it is today. In 1878 it was one big field of sage brush, part of a dry desert. If canal water could be brought out north, then people would be interested in redeeming the desert.

When contagious diseases came, a yellow or red flag was hung outside the house which bore the name of the disease-typhoid, diphtheria, whooping cough, measles, etc. This little flag was a flag of quarantine. No one had the liberty to leave that home. To those outside it announced "come in at your own risk, inside is a disease of death." Sometimes one or more died and sorrow and terror grew as the disease spread. Always someone who had immunity to the disease would go and do the burying, ease the suffering, comfort the living, and help in any way they were needed. When the last victim was cured, the house was fumigated and shallow dishes filled with sulfur were set in each room and hall. It was set afire, and the fumes would penetrate every surface and crack. Clothes were washed or burned, floors and woodwork were scrubbed in Lysol or lye water. When a person was pronounced clean, then the flag was taken down.

Early in 1928, an epidemic of Spinal Meningitis occurred in North Logan. A number of people died and a number were left deaf. At that time most of the families were using water from the irrigation canals for culinary purposes. It was piped from the canals to cisterns and then pumped by hand for home use. The Spinal Meningitis was traced to the water, so that year, a group of citizens began looking for other sources of water. Logan City was approached and agreed to furnish water, but after the next election, the new Council said "No." The next approach was to bring water from springs in Water Canyon about 5 miles above the mouth of Green Canyon. A mining company had already filed on the springs but had not used them. When their filing expired in 1930, the North Logan Telephone and Power Company filed on them for the community. It took the next four years to get the plans completed and money arranged for.

In 1934 North Logan was incorporated to make it possible to finance the water system. Five miles of 4" wrapped steel pipe was laid in the canyon and 8 miles of distribution lines were laid in the community. These lines ranged from 3/4" to 6" in diameter. The larger lines were steel and the smaller galvanized. All of the lines were laid by hand by men from the community. Much of the pay for the work came from the W.P.A.

A reservoir was built in the mouth of green Canyon, which had a capacity of 81,0000 gallons. The population of North Logan at the time was 302 people in 60 families. The total cost of the original system was $58,000.00 The system served well until about 1954, which was a very dry year. The community had grown and they had to ration water. A small spring right in town was put into service, but proved to be very shallow so was contaminated and had to be abandoned. In 1958, another reservoir was built which brought the storage capacity to 225,000 gallons. The population of North Logan (1999) is now over 6,000 with nearly 1500 service connections. North Logan is the fastest growing community in Cache Valley with prospects of much more growth in the future.

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